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Kindred's strategic planning services are designed with care and intention and are informed by history and data about your organization. We design a process that maximizes your team's time together, invites collaboration and perspectives from across the organization and/or community, and is aligned with your values.


Organizational Structure Design

This consulting & design service is for new/start-up organizations or existing organizations who are looking to start anew.

This offering is brought to you by major "Says Who?" energy. We explore what structural design best aligns with your goals, values, and priorities. While a traditional hierarchical design may work well for you, we don't start there. We design around your values and help clarify what structure will best suit your needs.

Organizational Structure Review

This consulting & design service is for existing organizations who are looking to evaluate the alignment between their structure and values and potentially make some changes.

It can be intimidating to think about overhauling your structure when you have been operating the same way for some time. We can help. We will hone in on what is working well, where there are disconnects, and how to better live your values and operate ore effectively.


We believe that organizational systems drive behavior and are a reflection of who you are and what you care about. Through our consulting services, we will guide you in designing new systems or innovating systems that are no longer producing the results you desire.

These consulting services may help you design or evaluate systems like:
Recruitment, Hiring, Onboarding, and Retention Systems
Accountability Systems (e.g., evaluation, informal feedback, dialogue norms, etc.)
Conflict Resolution Systems (including interpersonal challenges, microaggressions, harassment, and more)
Decision-Making Systems
Supervisory Support and Performance Management Systems


We believe that equitable and care-centered policies produce equitable and healthy outcomes in the workplace and for its employees.

Through our Policy Review services, we can bring a specific lens of your choosing (e.g., racial equity, pro-disability, trauma-informed, etc.) to analyzing your existing policies, or we can conduct a comprehensive policy review. Either way, we will identify what gaps exists in your policies, highlight which policies need more attention, and make recommendations for new policies.

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