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Are you curious about the experiences and perspectives of your team and/or community? Do you want to deeply and meaningfully uncover what is working well, what needs more attention, and where inadvertent harm may be taking place?

Kindred conducts organizational assessments that explore employee, board, and/or community experiences with belonging at the organization. We examine themes around equity, safety, trust, care, and trauma-informed strategies to highlight strengths and daylight opportunities.


Through our audit services, we apply a specialized analysis to how your organization is doing in a specific area. Kindred currently conducts the following types of audits:

Trauma-Informed Audit
Disability Audit
Plain Language Audit

Through our audit process, we may examine components like organizational policy, HR records, facilities, program and/or employee evaluations, norms, community perceptions, and more. Kindred produces and presents findings, along with recommendations.

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