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I See You: A Tribute to Nonprofit Professionals during COVID-19

I see you.

While the media is constantly praising large corporations for taking care of their employees with resources they have readily at their disposal, I see you taking care of your employees and coworkers with resources that you are inventing and creating.

While folks are (rightly) applauding front line healthcare workers, I see you also sacrificing to keep your community fed, clothed, housed, safe, connected, and alive.

While businesses have associations advocating for them to not be forgotten, I see you with your head down, not forgetting your community.

While the corporate world is hiring experts to get them through this crisis, I see you creating your own playbook and innovating like never before.

I see you caring for your community like it is your own family because, to you, it is.

I see your passion for justice during a time that only magnifies the inequities that you were already fighting against.

As each day brings new uncertainty, I see you making the brave choice to keep going.

I see you artistically designing strategies that the rest of the world will learn from.

I see you taking action today that will still be making a difference 10, 20, 50 years from now.

I see your fear and tears and the strength in your vulnerability.

I see you.

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