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Christine Bizzell
Partner Consultant

Christine began her career as a legal professional and soon founded a consulting firm dedicated to supporting trial lawyers. She had a keen sense of how to organize evidence and resources for maximum impact throughout the life of a case and during trial. In 2012, with confidence that there was a bigger purpose for her skillset, she set out to join her friends and support a non-profit in South Africa.

It was there she learned of CliftonStrengths, a tool designed to bring out the best in people by identifying natural strengths and breathing life into them. She underwent training to become a coach and immediately began mobilizing her own strengths to empower individuals and teams to engage their innate power with confidence.

These experiences led to further study of organizational development and leadership. Since then, Christine has earned an MBA, undergone mentorship from renowned leaders, coached over 200 individuals from 15+ countries, and worked with teams across the globe. In 2020, she founded Canon Collaborative, a people empowerment and operations group focused on powering life in individuals, teams, and organizations in which they flow. It is her mission to unify and empower teams focused on improving their communities for the greater good.

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