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Adana Protonentis, mpa

Adana is a community educator, parent advocate, convener, and scholar. Her work focuses on harnessing the power of narrative to create a more inclusive, just, and equitable community. A seasoned professional speaker and facilitator, Adana has a unique talent for making complex and emotionally charged subjects accessible to diverse audiences. Using a combination of data, storytelling, and a healthy dose of Black Girl Magic, Adana creates safe spaces for critical analysis, experiential learning, and deep conversation. By honoring the need to balance emotional honesty with sharp analysis and strategic action, Adana brings a holistic and human-centered approach to this work. Adana’s expertise lies in applying an intersectional lens to social equity issues, resulting in a nuanced and comprehensive analysis and the development of innovative solutions.

Adana comes to this work as a disabled, mixed-race Black mother, raising disabled kids. It is this life experience that gives Adana unique insight into the ways that racism, sexism, and other systems of oppression interact with and reinforce each other. This is what drives Adana’s passion for inclusive movement-building toward shared liberation, because all oppression is connected. Adana holds degrees in Organizational Leadership and Political Science, and is currently hard at work earning her Master’s degree in Public Administration from Seattle University. A sought-after speaker and facilitator, she has worked with organizations across the country to challenge systems of oppression and facilitate the creation of spaces for inclusion and belonging. Through her boundless curiosity and unwavering commitment to leading with compassion and empathy, Adana nurtures individuals and organizations as they develop their anti-oppression practices and make strides toward a world of justice and mutual flourishing.

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