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Post-Shooting Resources for Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers

We are outraged that these resources are necessary. That, because of the thousands of mass shootings that have occurred in the US, the countless lives lost, and the collective suffering of our communities, endless hours have been spent and resources expended researching, writing, and producing resources for these moments.

We must not forget that this is not an individual problem. It is not "inevitable." It is not a "school security" issue. It is not a matter of not preparing well enough. Children, elders, families, and community members are executed by terrorists with guns EVERY DAY because our systems, policies, and leaders fail to act. We need these resources because the systems and people who are supposed to care for our children and communities refuse to do the courageous work that is required.

These resource guides are for you, your colleagues, employees, friends, relatives, and anyone who may be grappling with how to show up for children (and one another) in these horrific moments. Please share broadly.

We will keep fighting, caring, and clinging to the humanity that will save us.

Resources for Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers after a Mass Shooting or Collective Trauma
Download • 73KB

Self Care & Solidarity Resources
Download PDF • 95KB

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